We are an innovative intellectual property (IP) counseling and patent prosecution firm serving corporations, startups, and emerging technology companies. In addition to providing full IP services, we also offeran innovative collaborative patenting platform for clients who wish to prepare their own patent applications with lawyer assistance:

Provisional Application

A provisional application is a low-cost first patent filing in the United States and does not need a patent claim while allowing "Patent Pending" to be used and lasts 12 months from the date the provisional application is filed.

Prepare your provisional application with our tools.

$9.99/month with a one year subscription

Optional Lawyer Review/Filing for $499 (PTO Fees Not Included)

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Utility Application

A utility application is the broadest protection for inventions and generally permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for 20 years.

Use our advanced system with diagnostics to prepare your utility application.

$49.99/month with a one year subscription

Optional Lawyer Claim Drafting, Review and Filing for $3999 (PTO Fees Not Included)

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Design Application

A design aplication protects the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in, or applied to, a product or an article of manufacture for 12 years.

Prepare your design application with our advanced system.

$9.99/month with a one year subscription

Optional Lawyer Review/Filing for $999 (PTO Fees Not Included)

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  • Transparency - At Tranassoc.com, we do not hide any cost or extra fees. Our pricing is reasonable, commitment is honest, and the work is done by a team of experts. We help you manage your patent filing process effectively and in a correct manner.
  • Flexibility: We have a wide network of some of the finest and most skilled lawyers with outstanding academic and work backgrounds that are sure to help you in the process of filing a provisional patent. We will work with you as per your convenience at no extra cost.
  • Expertise: We are among the very few service providers that truly specialize in patent filing services. We understand your specific needs and work to provide complete satisfaction.

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